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Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Yoga Therapy are all names for a traditional healing modality practiced for centuries
in Thailand. Instilled in this practice is the Buddhist concept of ‘metta’, translated as ‘loving kindness’.

Thai Massage is an energizing and rigorous form of massage. Traditionally it is performed on a floor mat without the use of oils or lotions and with the client wearing comfortable clothing. Pillows and bolsters may be used to support the body. Clients
are guided through a series of yoga-like stretches. It has been called ‘Lazy Man’s Yoga’.

Thai Massage incorporates traditional massage techniques as well as movements unique to Thai massage, including Thai energy meridian work (Sen lines), marma points (acupressure), compression, rhythmic rocking, and breath, enabling the client
to become centered in body, mind and spirit.

Taking into account the client’s health and flexibility, practitioners use their hands, feet, arms, legs, knees and elbows to massage and stretch the client’s muscles to relax the body and mobilize joints to increase their flexibility and range of motion.

Thai Massage is a holistic form of bodywork encompassing the client’s entire body, from toes to fingertips to ear lobes. Recommended for reducing mental and emotional stress, improving circulation and increasing energy, it can contribute to stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. And as with other massage modalities, Thai Massage can facilitate cellular waste elimination, increase circulation, and aid in working out painful muscle knots.

A total body Thai Massage session typically lasts two hours or longer. One should avoid strenuous actively immediately after a session. The full effects of a massage may take up to 48 hours to be experienced.