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Thai Herbal Stem Compress Massage

Body Treatment

An ancient Thai massage modality known as Luk Pra Kob that combines the soothing effects of heat and the nourishing treatment of traditional Thai healing herbs to detoxify and relieve aches and pains in the body. Affecting the body chemistry in a gentle way, the Thai Herbal Stem Compress Massage also helps to restore the skin’s natural balance.

Unbleached cotton cloth compresses filled with dried ground plai, turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir lime peel & leaves, camphor, tamarind leaves, sweet flag, mountain ebony leaves, somboil, and jeang leaves, are steam-heated to release essential oils and resins, and then applied to either bare skin or over clothing.

In addition to traditional and Thai massage techniques, the compresses are tapped, twisted, rolled, pressed, and dragged over energy lines, acupressure points and muscles. Massage oil can be applied to the skin before the compress is used if gentle skin exfoliation from the cotton cloth is not desired. Compresses may also be simply placed on areas too painful to massage.

Palming, thumbing, stretching, joint mobilization, and assisted yoga-like postures are incorporated throughout the session. Stroke direction will typically be toward the heart, encouraging lymphatic drainage. The full body treatment includes work on clients lying face down and face up.

Facial Treatment

Small compresses containing shredded coconut (for dry skin), sesame and jasmine rice (for normal skin), or white clay with herbs (for acne or blemished skin) are used to soften and sooth skin, reducing puffiness and wrinkles. Clay compresses are used chilled rather than warm.

After facial cleansing and application of toner, the face and scalp are treated to a gentle acupressure finger massage. The herbal stems are then applied with gentle stroking movements. The cotton has a slight exfoliating action.

Thai Herbal Stem Compress Facial Massage is an extremely relaxing and healing treatment for the skin and can aid in relieving insomnia, sinus congestion and headaches.

Clients are encouraged to bring their own facial cleanser and toner products.

There is an extra charge to cover the cost of the compresses.
Because the herbal stems come into contact with the skin, they cannot be shared between individuals, but the compresses can be reused two or three times when properly stored.