My paintings often reflect a fascination with water in the landscape as well as the diverse western Canadian landscape be it an expansive prairie vista or an intimate woodland or garden. Abstraction still remains a work in progress. Oil paint is my favorite medium, with its buttery texture and slow drying properties. When travelling I carry along oil pastels and watercolors.

The act of painting brings me intense joy, the feeling of being alive, and serves as a buffer against the triviality of daily living. Painting creates a connectedness and harmony between my emotions and my mental and physical energies. I become oblivious to my surroundings and hours feel like minutes.
There are times when my subconscious exerts control over the paintbrush. I become an independent observer as my hand darts from the palette to the canvas ungoverned by conscious thought. What emerges during such moments is so exhilarating when my conscious mind regains control and I am able to see what has been created.

My artwork is very much about the landscape of the natural world. It also represents a very personal viewpoint. I aim to capture the elements or qualities of a vista that arouse my mind and touch my soul. What those elements are is hard to define. I would also like to think that my paintings convey my concern about the fragility of our environment.
Although art is very much a private activity, to me, painting is very much a means of communication.